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I just got new tiles in the house which were very expensive. I needed to get them sealed but couldn't afford pricy service. I also didn't want to go with cheap unreliable service of course. My boss at work gave me the Tile Cleaners contacts saying that the guys charge very reasonable for a good quality service. I rang them. It is very pleasant to know there are companies out there actually caring about providing very high quality service for affordable prices. I gave your contacts to my sister. Thank you guys.

Robert Wilson, Kingston

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Tile Cleaners Canberra Cleaning Natural Stone

We provide specialised natural stone cleaning and restoration solutions

To schedule your appointment or to obtain a free estimate, Call 1300 771 201 or use our quick enquiry form

We can safely remove years of built-up grime and most ground-in dirt from all domestic and commercial natural stone surfaces. By applying specially developed heavy duty cleaning solutions together with high pressure truck mounted cleaning equipment (deep scrubbing, heat, pressure and vacuum) we are able to clean your natural stone and tile grout to the highest standards.

Tile Cleaners Canberra® is Australia's leading stone care specialist. We are your specialist service provider for all tile & grout cleaning, tile sealing, grout sealing, tile stripping & sealing, tile regrouting, grout colour sealing, stone honing and stone polishing. If you need advice on cleaning & sealing your old or brand new floors or need a professional to do it for you, call Tile Cleaners Canberra® now on 1300 771 201.

Our policy is to give our customers the peace of mind that their natural stone tiles have been well looked after with the best treatment and products available. Whatever your needs, we will find the best solution at a reasonable price; we will answer all your questions and guide you with our best maintenance tips.

We specialise in the professional care and maintenance of almost all types of natural stone such as: marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, travertine, slate, Victorian tiles and bluestone, as well as all ceramic, porcelain, terracotta and quarry tiles.

stone tiles outdoors entrance colourful wide grout lines Mediterranean porch home

Enjoy your natural stone in its best possible condition!

To schedule your appointment or to obtain a free estimate, Call 1300 771 201 or use our quick enquiry form

Tile Cleaners Canberra® Products & Equipment

Our products vary depending on your specific task requirements, we also proudly produce our own range of high quality stone and tile cleaning & sealing products formulated using modern nano technologies providing optimised cleaning results and long term benefits.

Using the most modern equipment with unique wash, deep scrub and dry technology, our unique cleaning system tackles even the most difficult problem floors, using less water and detergents than other methods. Our equipment is suitable for all your domestic and commercial cleaning jobs, leaving floors spotless and hygienic.

We only use cleaning products that are safe for you, your children and your pets, and every member of our team is trained in cleaning techniques for efficient and spotless results.

Give us a call today and allow us to handle everything. Our knowledgeable customer service will help you with all your enquiries and assist you with your tile cleaning and sealing needs. You can call us any time as we provide our services after hours for your convenience.

stone cleaning machine

We provide specialised natural stone cleaning and restoration solutions

To schedule your appointment or to obtain a free estimate, Call 1300 771 201 or use our quick enquiry form

Most stone floors are quite porous and prone to scratching, staining and fracturing. They also importantly need to be allowed to breathe, instead of being covered by synthetic sealers or urethane. We offer the right solution, protecting your stone with highly penetrating breathable impregnating sealers.

Tile Cleaners Canberra® provide a complete range of services at the most competitive prices, from tile and grout stripping, cleaning and sealing to stone polishing, grinding and repairs. Tile Cleaners Canberra® technicians bring together many years of combined experience, having cleaned and restored tens of thousands of natural and man made surfaces with superb results we are very proud of. Tile Cleaners Canberra® technicians are each trained and experienced in the selection of the appropriate product and method to be used for each individualised situation.

Others may offer quick fixes, We do the job right the first time!

Types of Stone Tiles

Remembering that stone tiles are produced in nature, their colour and general appearance may vary greatly. This makes stone tiling quite unique and beautiful when installed correctly. Each stone type and its composition have characteristics that need to be considered for each application. For example, some stone is soft and easily worn. Certain types of stone tiles are easily attacked by common household acids. Finally, there are very hard stone types virtually impervious to these same problems.

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Travertine
  • Bluestone
  • Quartz-based
  • Slate
before and after slate floors sealing with a topical sealer

Stone Applications

MARBLE: Flooring, Fireplaces, Vanities, and Shower/Bath surrounds.

Note: Black and green marble require special setting material due to their tendency to curl and wrap when absorbing water. Polished marble is not recommended in food preparation areas or any areas where contact with acids bearing substances are present. Acid even in small amounts will etch and dull the polish. This includes bathrooms around toilets and urinals where the marble will remain unprotected by mats, etc.

The exception for marble in food preparation areas would involve the use of "tumbled" marble where there is no polished surface for the acid to etch.

Keep in mind that polished marble is very slick when wet.

Penetrative sealing with Deepshield GOLD is recommended.

deepshield generic marble

GRANITE: Flooring, Vanities, Kitchen counters, Fireplaces, Shower/Tub surrounds.

Keep in mind that polished granite is very slick when wet.

Penetrative sealing with Deepshield GOLD is recommended.

deepshield generic granite

LIMESTONE: Flooring and Fireplaces.

Sensitive to acidic attack.

Penetrative and or sacrificial sealing recommended.

TRAVERTINE: Flooring, Fireplaces, and Vanities.

This type of stone, in polished form is sensitive to acidic attack like marble, so it would not be recommended for food service areas or where acid bearing substances are present. The exception would be in a “tumbled” form where no polished surface is present to be etched.

Polished travertine is very slick when wet.

Penetrative sealing is recommended.

QUARTZ BASED: Flooring, Fireplaces, Bar tops, Vanities, Shower/Tub surrounds.

Very similar to slate in that flaking and chipping will occur especially in the un-gauged variety. May not be suitable in areas where bare feet may be present due to chipping and flaking.

This variety of stone is commonly stabilised into agglomerates with cementatious or epoxy based resins to produce slabs and tile shapes. In this form, the manufacturer will make recommendations for its use.

Penetrative and or sacrificial sealing is recommended.

SLATE: Flooring, Fireplaces, Bar tops, Vanities, Shower/Tub surrounds.

Just like the quartz-based stone, un-gauged slate is prone to chipping, flaking and peeling. This can make cleaning, disinfecting, and general maintenance problematic. Design and job requirements will have to reflect these inherent qualities.

Penetrative and or sacrificial sealing is recommended.

All of these stone tiles mentioned above can vary in size and colour.

Stone Applications

All porous natural stone should be sealed. Sealing your stone will help to prevent & reduce staining by keeping most stains suspended at the surface. Sealing provides protection against chemical attack, deterioration and contamination and also reduces the damage caused by any potential stain.

Natural stone is amongst the most durable materials for floor and wall coverings, also boasting some of the lowest abrasion values. For non-porous tiles you should usually only need to seal the grout lines with our specialised impregnating penetrating sealer.

Our services cover all suburbs within 100km drive from the CBD. We are your specialist service provider for stone sealing, stone restoration, and minor stone repairs. If you need advice on cleaning & sealing your old or brand new stone surfaces or need a professional to do it for you, then you have come to the right place.

stone tiles around swimming pool white copping

What Exactly Is A Sealer?

A sealer is a liquid, or carrier containing a resin that is applied to porous natural stone or porous man made surfaces that helps prevent staining from water and/or oil based materials as well as help to achieve better results when cleaning your tiles

You can easily test how porous your surfaces are by applying a drop of water to the surface and watching how it is absorbed. You can then see how any type of water based stain can be absorbed by the surface.

Why should I have my stone tiles sealed?

A sealer reduces the natural absorbency of a stone. A natural stone surface once prepared and sealed correctly can add a great deal of style to your property and give it a real feature relative to your desired look whether that is modern and contemporary or more traditional.

Sealing your tiles and/or grout helps prevent & reduce staining. It provides a barrier for a short time to remove the staining product and helps reduce the damage caused from the stain itself. Staining can still occur if the staining product is not removed from the tile.

Types Of Sealers we use

Tile Cleaners Canberra® use two main types of sealer to protect your surfaces. One sealer is known as an Impregnating Sealer (Penetrating Sealer) which is absorbed into the tile protecting it from within and the other is known as a Topical Sealer (coating) which sits on top of the tile.

deepshield breathe

Tile Cleaners Canberra® are proud to be accredited applicators of Deepshield™ quality deep impregnating water based sealers that prolong the life of your surfaces by taking full advantage of recent advancements in nano-technology and fluoro-bond technology. Australian made Deepshield™ forms a bond with your surfaces that is stronger than any conventional mechanical or hydrogen bonding film forming sealers.

deepshield surface

Our cleaning & sealing service restores your natural stone to its best possible condition, and remaining protected for years to come!

Stone Floor Care & Maintenance

Here are some recommendations for routine care and cleaning of your stone tiles:


  • Do blot-up spills immediately.
  • Do clean your natural stone frequently with warm water and a clean, non-abrasive cloth sponge or mop.
  • Do thoroughly rinse and dry the surface after washing
  • Do use a neutral cleaner formulated for natural stone or a few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent, will help you remove soil, that normal dusting or damp mopping leaves behind.
  • Do use coasters under all glasses, particularly those containing alcohol or citrus juices. Many common foods and drinks contain acids that will etch or dull the stone surface
  • Does use felt pads underneath the furniture that is likely to scratch the floor such tables, chairs.
  • Do use mats or trivets under hot dishes.
  • Do keep kitchen counter-tops and vanities dust free.
  • Do dry or squeegee water from shower walls following each use. This will prevent hard water or soap scum build-up.
  • Do protect floor surfaces with non-slip mats or area rugs and countertop surfaces with coasters or place-mats
  • Don'ts:

  • Do not place hot items directly on the stone surface. Use mats under hot dishes and place-mats under china, ceramics or other objects that can scratch the surface.
  • Don't use cleaners that contain acid such as bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners or tub & tile cleaners
  • Don't use vinegar, lemon juice or other cleaners containing acids on marble, limestone, travertine or onyx surfaces
  • Don't use powder cleaners, or cream cleansers, mildew removers or disinfectants, or abrasive nylon scrub pads, as they can easily etch your stone.
  • Don't use abrasive cleaners such as dry cleansers or soft cleansers
  • Don't use general-purpose cleaners such as Ajax, Harpic as they may damage your stone surface, and the effectiveness of your sealer.
  • Don't mix bleach and ammonia; this combination creates a toxic and lethal gas
  • Don't use cork and wood furniture protectors. These can cause severe stains.
  • Don't place for a long time any metal object on top of a stone surface, especially in bathrooms, as it is very likely that would leave a rust stain.
sandstone floor after professional cleaning by tile cleaners Canberra


The natural variations on your stone surface can easily lose their appealing qualities, due to damage resulting from everyday wear. Natural Stone is absorbent and has a mineral chemistry that can react in strange ways to conventional cleaners, making the proper selection of cleaners is essential for daily basis maintenance of your natural stone surface. Some variation of stones can absorb liquids and oils causing discolouration. Having your stone treated with a penetrating impregnating sealer can diminish this. It is recommended that a sealer is applied every year, and that the floor is fully stripped and sealed by a professional once every 3-5 years depending on the type of stone its made from.


Dust-mop interior floors frequently using a clean non-treated dry dust mop. Sand dirt and grit do the most damage to natural stone surfaces due to their abrasiveness. Mats or area rugs inside and outside an entrance will help to minimise the sand, dirt and grit that will scratch the stone floor. Be sure that the underside of the mat or rug is a non-slip surface. Normally, it will take a person about eight steps on a floor surface to remove sand or dirt from the bottom of their shoes. Do not use vacuum cleaners that are worn. The metal or plastic attachments or the wheels may scratch the surface.

Bath and Other Wet Areas

In your bathroom and other wet areas, soap scum can be minimised by using a squeegee after each use. To remove soap scum, use a non-acidic soap scum remover or a solution of ammonia and water (about 1/2 cup ammonia to 4L of water). Frequent or over-use of an ammonia solution may eventually dull the surface of the stone. A penetrating sealer should be applied for the best lasting results during regular maintenance . Hard water or soap scum may damage the lustre of your natural stone. For tile shower or floor, we suggest having your grout cleaned and sealed periodically to prevent mildew.

stone floor walkway sample

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